Episode 8: In-Love & Out-of-Love

Dear dear ones:

I hope you are all having a good day.

This week’s teaching is a bit different. My computer broke, and I’m having to record and edit on the phone, which brings some challenges but also more flexibility.

Because of this, starting today it will be best to watch the episodes on mobile devices, on portrait orientation (vertical position).

When you view vertical videos in Youtube App, just rotate your device to portrait orientation and tap on the full screen icon. I hope you enjoy this new weekly experience.

This week I’m sharing a bit of my story with soul loss, which some of you will likely relate to. I’ve been thinking a lot about love this week and will continue on the subject for a little while because I don’t think we have been educated enough on the ways of love.

I do want to send my love  to each of you and my deepest gratitude.

Con mucho amor,


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