"When people arrive at my office, typically the complaint is one of depression. When I sit with them for any length of time, it becomes apparent that what they’re suffering from isn’t so much depression but oppression. They are weighted down by the unmetabolized sorrows of a lifetime. Not being able to identify them as grief, as losses, it’s hard to really mourn them."

-Francis Weller:

Happy Wednesday, dear ones:

Today we continue exploring the subject of our sorrows (including the Five Gates of Grief) and how rituals help us heal by rewiring our brain.

Our country is experiencing an epidemic of depression, and we have few tools to deal with the grief of these challenging days. And so, in today’s episode I make a case for Grief Education and for listening to the wisdom of our sorrows, which can serve as soil for the future lives we are building, for the new world we are building. 

I also go deeper into the subject of connection and community, which is often  the aching at the core of our grief.

I hope you find it useful. Let me know. I’m so grateful to be able to share these teachings with you!

With deepest reverence and gratitude,


"The grief and sense of loss, that we often interpret as a failure in our personality, is actually a feeling of emptiness where a beautiful and strange otherness should have been encountered."

-Paul Shepard

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