Episode 13: Befriending the Nervous System

Beautiful friends:

Today I bring you a teaching that I’m really excited about; it’s about befriending the nervous system, and it’s also about how our current social systems are causing so much damage to our nervous systems; I share my own experience with anxiety and depression that came as a result of living within those systems for too long. I will also give you  a very practical exercise to help you stay in (or return to) your vital state of being.

Lastly, I also share that I will not be creating weekly episodes for a little while, because I feel I need to bring you deeper, more practical teachings on this subject, which will be more helpful to you, and which will take me longer than a week to create. So, I’ll keep bringing you my very best teachings, loves, but they will not be weekly.

I love you all so much, and please let me know what you think about this teaching regarding ANS, (the Autonomic Nervous System.)


-Reverent Mariela (switching from reverend to reverent)

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