What is it Exactly?

‘The Seed, The Soil, & The Soul’ is a spiritual/ naturalist educational  show. 

What is it about?

It’s really about intimacy with life!

It’s an invitation to go deeper to understand the ways of nature and to tap into your own nature.

In many ways it’s also a journey toward healing and wholeness, to find and embody Soul, and to create the conditions for the healing and flourishing of every Soul/Seed on earth.

Why this? Why now?

Because of the current state of our global mental health and overall wellbeing;

because so many people around the world have been impacted by devastating loss and grief;

because of the impacts of pandemic-related isolation;

because of the violence, brutality, destruction, and dehumanization we are experiencing around the world;

because our hearts have been broken and our souls are depleted.

because our resources are low…

This program points to nature for the healing of our minds and bodies.

But we need healing not just for the sake of human beings; our healing helps heal our societies and our planet. Healthy and mature human beings create healthy and mature societies. Healthy and mature human beings would recognize that “our house is on fire” 🔥 as Greta Thunberg puts it, and that we need to do something about it.

Embodied Spirituality

On this journey toward healing & wholeness, we regard the body as an essential part of the complete human being, the whole person.

Spirituality is not something that happens just in the head.  

At this moment in time we are having to unlearn many of the things we learned as “true” or as “facts.”

We are also having to  unlearn the habits, the patterns, the ways of being that we were taught would lead to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

And we are having to create new habits, new patterns, and new ways of being that are healthier, more inclusive, kinder, and more sustainable.

For instance, the colonial capitalist patriarchy taught us to value hard work, sacrifice, and suffering, and to delay pleasure for heaven, for the afterlife.

Here we are embracing a different value system; here we understand that we are designed to experience delight and pleasure; to savor life (like, literally, we’ve been given over 10,000 taste buds for our savoring pleasure.)

I believe that our maker designed us that way, with this ability to experience delight and pleasure in our bodies, which makes us feel more alive and more connected to soul, to spirit, to others, to life…

Worship used to be something intellectual that happened between the ears on Sunday morning. We are expanding on that!

We are learning to reclaim the practices of savoring, of rest and restoration, and of  delight and pleasure since they are essential for our healing and wholeness, and for our humanity; they are life-giving practices, life-sustaining practices… They are not something to be ashamed about.

As Mary Oliver already taught us: “You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

Here, we are also reclaiming a fundamental human right; the right to live according to our true nature. I have that right, and I want every one of my friends to have that right, the birthright to live according to their own nature, regardless of what the patriarchal social systems say about them/us. Each of us must live according to our own nature, like everything else in nature: a bulb must grow into a tulip, an acorn into an oak tree, a sunflower seed into a sunflower plant, and so on…

Here, we also dedicate ourselves to serving the rest of the ecosystem, to creating the right conditions (investing in the soil, the resources) for the flourishing of healthy seeds/souls.


As a culture and as a planet, we’ve come to a fork in the road. We cannot continue on the same path we’ve been traveling on, which has become ecocidal, genocidal, and imperialistic. For our healing and the healing of the planet, it’s crucial that we change directions, that we take a more sustainable, more life-giving, more soulful path. 


points to a different path. 

The program incorporates concepts from Ecospirituality and uses storytelling and cultural analysis to help us cultivate the practices that are life-giving to ourselves and the planet.

You will learn about the principles and systems that nourish your soul and how to liberate yourself from those that are soul-sucking and oppressive to our humanity.

Social Systems

Why is it so important that we learn about systems?​

  • Because many of our current social systems are “systems of extraction,” meaning that they are sucking the life/ the soul out of every living thing (particularly those who are poor as well as Mother Earth/Pachamama/Madre Tierra…)
  • We learn about this because the  same systems that are extracting life and vitality from the Earth are also extracting soul/life from all of us, and they need to be understood and dismantled.
  • And because it’s essential that we create and adopt new systems that are generative/ life-giving (not soul-sucking.)

Social systems that insist on shaping us like fake, perfectly-manicured topiaries must be dismantled. We claim our right to grow and flourish according to our true nature.

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