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I’m Rev Mariela. This is the page for a 3-month spiritual show I ran in 2021.

You can still watch the episodes.

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“Mariela Pérez-Simons shares her inner world with such poignant grace and softness that her voice and words wrap around you like the softest shawl, holding your tender heart.”
“I watch the show and i hear you reminding me that [the work] can be ease-fully, beautifully, gracefully done… i remember beauty and ease can be productive and i feel hope to continue."


This website offers state-of-the-art security and technology to make the process safe and easy.


Watch the videos, do the exercises, and learn on your own time, at your own pace.


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What People HAVE SAID:

"The poetry of your ministry is a blessing."

FROM North Carolina

"You are a holy breath of fresh air with a transformative presence."


“Rev Mariela is a catalyst … a passionate, nurturing, driving, force… Thank you for considering her work and bright spirit.”

FROM North Carolina

"Rev Mariela models and teaches about spiritual hospitality that crosses generational and cultural/racial lines, from a place of deep emotional and spiritual grounding."

FROM georgia

"I have been in many churches and religious/ spiritual settings... I would place you near the top ... Without hesitation you have been 'par excellence' for my spirit, enlightenment, and encouragement."

FROM North Carolina

"I just watched your video. I cried! So real! So prophetic! Such big spirit! So you! Thank you!"


"Rev Mariela beautifully balances the need for intellect and reason with the heart's call for spiritual connection. She lives her life with curiosity and wonder, and she inspires these qualities in others."

FROM North Carolina

A Gift from My Soul to Yours

At this point in my life I feel it’s my social responsibility to speak about the systems that extract our life-force, our vitality, our joy, our voices, our soul; and also about the lifestyles that are causing so much harm to the planet.

I teach through my stories because everything I know (about life, love, being human, social systems, soul, etc.) is not something I learned in seminary or in books. These are things I have lived (and felt and processed and understood) in my mind/heart/body/soul.

I offer these stories to assist you in: navigating your own inner psyche; finding healing, wholeness, and purpose; and breaking free from the self-destructive systems that are causing so much harm to ourselves and the planet.

By becoming a subscriber, we will journey together to a life of soulfulness, passion, vitality, and purpose, for our own healing and the healing of the world.

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